Daily Quests

Complete Arena x5: 4,000

Enter Boss Battle x1: 7,000

Compete in Arcade x1: 3,000

Enter Infinite Dungeon x1: 3,000

Slay 500 monsters: 3,000

Complete all Daily Quests: 8,000

Total: 28,000 gold a day

*Daily quests refresh at midnight GMT +9

Weekly Quests

Complete Arena x35: 10,000

Enter Boss Battle x6: 7,500

Compete in Arcade x5: 5,000

Enter Infinite Dungeon x5: 5,000

Slay 30,000 monsters: 7,500

Hero +5 Enhance x1: 5,000

Reach max Hero level x5: 7,500

Slay 30 final bosses: 7,500

Complete all Weekly Quests: 20,000 and 10 rubies

Total: 75,000 gold, 10 rubies

*Italicized weekly quests represent those you can't complete just from doing daily quests. Other than that, completing all daily quests every day is more than enough for weekly quests.

Total spoils for completing all quests in a week: 271,000 gold, 10 rubies.

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